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90 or Nothing Seller-Finance Program

With our Seller-Finance program, we leverage our high volume marketing platform and deep data mining capabilities to locate the most qualified and motivated potential buyers for your home. Because of our unique approach to the market and our team of highly qualified real estate and mortgage finance professionals we are able to efficiently locate and screen the ideal buyer for your property. The entire process typically takes 90 days or less at no cost to you. 

The Process:

  1. We locate a pool of buyers desiring to live in the area your property is located 

  2. We perform criminal background, check credit, verify income & previous rental history

  3. Approved buyers are invited to view property

  4. You select a buyer from approved buyers pool

  5. Closing is handled by a local real estate attorney/title company


***Because we have extensive knowledge of the seller-financed mortgage industry we are happy to work alongside you and the real estate attorney to ensure that your note is structured in such a way that it becomes a high-quality asset at the point of origination. Originating the note correctly ensures that you receive the highest ROI should you ever need or want to sell your note in the future.***

***If you're a real estate investor in the process of creating your first seller-financed note call the office before you put anything in writing. We offer note structuring, consulting services at a cost equal to two months of the new mortgage payments, payable as follows: 50% up front and 50% after closing.***

                                                               Call Today For Assistance 678-496-3427

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